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Exclusive Menu

A selection of our  newest and finest award winning dishes.



Crispy Garlic King Prawns
Seasoned with spices and batter, deep fried and served with salad

Chicken and Potato Cutlets
Marinated chicken and potato stir fried with light spices and herbs, served with salad

Cheesy Vegetable Kebabs
Mixed vegetables and cheese mixed in batter with light spices and herbs deep fried and served with salad

Spinach and Potato Kebab
Spinach and potato cooked with egg and served with salad

Chicken Angary
Chicken marinated and seasoned with fresh green herbs and spices, cooked in the Tandoor and served with salad

Signature Dishes (main)

Thrapston Cheesy Chicken or Lamb
Shredded chicken or lamb tikka lightly spiced and called with garlic, onions, peppers,mushrooms, tomato with touch of Oyster sauce. Served on a sizzler with cheese topping

Strawberry Delight
Chicken , meat, prawn and Quorn cooked in a mild creamy sauce with almonds, coconut and strawberries

Green Bengal Curry
Chicken marinated with fresh green herbs and cooked in a medium sauce with garlic, onions, peppers, tomato served on a sizzler

Bengal Fusion Coconut
Chicken , lamb and prawns cooked on a sweet and spicy sauce with garlic, onions and peppers with coconut milk and shredded coconut

Chicken Haryaley
Chicken marinated in Haryaley sauce and cooked with fresh green chillies, onions and plenty coriander in medium hot sauce

Side Dishes

Bengal Paneer
Paneer deep fried and cooked with onions and peppers in a sweet and sour sauce

Broccoli Bhaji
Broccoli cooked with light spices and onions

Begun & Potato Bhaji
Aubergines and potato cooked with light spices

Chana Bhaji
Chickpeas cooked with onions and light spices

Cheesy Broccoli and Potato Bhaji
Broccoli and potato cooked with light spices and topped with cheese

Rice and Breads

Quorn Rice
Rice cooked with Quorn in a light spice with onions and peppers

Haryaley Rice
Rice cooked with peppers and plenty fresh coriander and light spices

Ajjwain Peas Rice
Rice cooked with caram Seeds, peas and light spices

Ajjwain Naan
Naan with Caram Seeds

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